About Enerbeing


Robert at Niagara RiverMy name is Robert and I was brought up in the East End of Glasgow.

I believed service is worship and established Enerbeing is not just about making a living for myself but primarily empowering others. The name comes from the terms Energy and Being, in essence we are beings of energy.

I have overcome the trauma of narcissistic abuse through the Mental and Emotional Release® (MER) technique I learned in California from Dr Matt James and The Empowerment Partnership. Not only that, we uncovered the root of the problem. I understood myself better and could then work on the behaviours that were not serving me. I was feeling powerless because of a belief, running deep in my unconscious, that: “I am not important, others are more important than me”. The physical effects of this limiting belief linger even to this day because it was so harmful. However, letting go of this belief enabled me to become more empowered in my life and I am certain this therapy can help you too. Have a look at the testimonials page and see for yourself.

If you have a feeling that things aren't right, you are probably right. I teach how to get in touch and use your emotional intelligence instead of overriding it. Whatever is in the unconscious, we can dig it up together and let them go easily and effortlessly.

I am certified master practitioner of NLP, Mental and Emotional Release® and Hypnotherapy.  I am also COSCA certified in Counselling and I use this framework within my therapy practice.

It's never too late, no matter how old you are or how much you have lost, you can find your purpose, become empowered and set about creating the life you want. Mental and Emotional baggage does not respect social status, age or gender.

Perhaps you have tried different counselling and coaches and still feel stuck? Then Mental and Emotional Release® may well be just the thing you are looking for.

I am privileged to have learned all these tools yet I am far from alone in needing this, I have now my goal to help as many as I can with the skills and techniques I have learned in California. I combine this with the Counselling Skills I have learned in Glasgow to provide a unique approach that works.

I look forward to seeing you soon. You can get in touch now by calling or email using the contact form.