Robert has been helping me with phobia I have suffered with for most of my life through various techniques that he provides. I have managed to move forward in dealing with this and putting practices into place to help overcome the phobia. Robert has been very support and understanding in helping me overcome this - thanks again.

"The sessions I've had with NLP Coach Robert Gelan proved really helpful in giving me more assurance in myself and in my abilities. I feel more confident at work and in social spaces. Robert made the sessions very relaxed and informal, which is alway a benefit when practising new NLP tips and technics!"

"Robert is a very nice , understanding person who will give good advice and guidance no matter what problems one has."

Diana G

"When Robert asked me if I was willing to do anything to solve my problem. I was hesitant because I already thought I tried everything available to me. What a relief! After doing sessions of MER with Robert I am still in some sort of disbelief that I have this total release and freedom from the mental marathons that were holding me back from reaching past a finish line. Robert introduced me to MER and it has changed my life because I am a different person than I was months and years ago.