Working with Robert on Mental and Emotional Release (M.E.R) has unblocked so many obstacles that I had been previously allowing to get in the way of a better present and a much brighter future: the future that I know I deserve and that only I can create. The wonderful thing about M.E.R, as practised by Robert, is that
allows you get at the root cause of whatever limiting beliefs are holding you back, without the need to dwell on painful memories or traumatic experience in the past.

Using techniques which Robert had taught me, I was able to identify key events in my past, place them in my emotional timeline, and get rid of the negative emotions present or then or caused by those events.

I am now more confident and more connected to myself and others than I have been for many years, if not decades. I have already seen huge positive changes in my life and how I am living it. This has also been noted by those close to me. If self-esteem is infectious, I am happy and proud to spread the contagion.

I am now working on creative and business ventures with an energy and positive attitude that I am sure I wouldn't have had without Robert’s help.