Our Pricing is transparent and clear. It's good to know you have a COSCA Qualified Counsellor, Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Mental and Emotional Release and Hypnotherapy.

I offer substantial discounts for ex-forces and emergency services, NHS Employees and unemployes and depending on Circumstances.

I am now offering a limited amount of pay what you can therapy sessions and looking to have drop in sessions in local communities soon. The service is the same regardless of payment.

So do Invest in yourself, you are worth it and the first exploratory session is free.



Coaching Price List

50 minutes per session

Per Session:                  £80

4 Sessions Package:   £280

6 Session Package:     £400





The focus is on Person Centred approach although other approaches will be considered if appropriate.



Mental and Emotional Release

Includes Coaching Sessions

Negative Emotions:            £500

Phobias:                             £600

Traumatic Events:              £600

Narcissistic Abuse:            £600

Bearkthrough + MER     £2000




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Other Issues


Dealing With Boundaries:   £200

Quite Smoking:                   £200

Junk Food Cravings :         £200

Stress Relief:                    £1000

Chronic Pain:                    £1500

Change Habbits:                £200                

 Procrastination:                 £200