“Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.” - Emerson

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Empowerment Coaching is about having a meaningful conversation with the view to a desired outcome. It is an exploration of your goals and what may be preventing you obtaining them. This can be focussed onto various areas of life although each does impact the other. Any approach therefore has to take a holistic viewpoint. Is it good for you, good for society and good for the world? I coach in the following areas:


  • Career or Business
  • Relationships of all kinds.
  • Health and Well being
  • Spirituality
  • Personal Development

I combine proven techiques from Counselling, NLP, Mental and Emotional Release® and Hypnotherapy to suit your requirements and get results.

Mental and Emotional Release is a new therapy which the practitioner needs to be highly skill in NLP. As a life coach and therapist I will use these to help you let go of the emotional baggage holding you back form your purpose.

The breakthrough process will uncover unconscious limiting beliefs holding you back, Mental and Emotional Release helps to re-evaluate them and let them go. MER is so quick that most people wonder if it's for real. The wonderful news is, it is! MER is then used to set your goals on your future so that your unconscious works on them as well as being conscious. You then need to take action and focus on your goals and some follow up coaching sessions are advised.

Breakthrough and MER take place over a few days and can take about 8 hours.


By appointment only. The first discovery session is free. This service is strictly confidential.