"The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." -  Socrates


business people 250The business world has many challenges to deliver excellent goods and service acording to customers needs and expectations. Developing a customer focussed mindset and empowering employees in all functional areas is important to motivation and capabilities in all areas and levels of the organisation.

Coaching is about modeling excellence in order to achieve your goals. We offer the following because we know that your business is always personal.


Communication: We always have to work on communication, don't we? It's vital to have great flow of information and ideas. The really important interpersonal communications may never pass through a computer system and if handled badly can seriously affect moral. We can help communication by: 

  1. Training the workforce on effective communication
  2. Conflict resolution and reconcilliation
  3. Deal making
  4. Overcoming barriers 


Motivation: A sense of purpose matters. Productivity will sink if staff are not motivated, this especially includes senior management and business owners. For example; it would be cheaper to put put an executive though our MER therapy than letting them go and having to find a replacement. We can help by:

  1. Workplace counselling and therapy
  2. work on releasing negative emotions
  3. Stress reduction
  4. Handling emotions in the moment
  5. Uncover and release limiting beliefs.
  6. Handle, fear, phobias and more.
  7. Management Training.
  8. Setting goals
  9. People Skills
  10. Modelling Excellence
  11. Employee selection and Personality Types


Skills and Training: Investing in people is the best investment. We can help with certified training though our partner companies in the following areas:

  1. Human Resources
  2. Negotiation Skills
  3. Management Skills
  4. Health and Safety

For a more complete training list, please visit our partner company Alder Safety.